Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove liability and collision coverage while my RV is in storage?
There are two kinds of RV insurance policies written; Full-timer and Part-timer. Part-timer RV insurance policies are priced lower with the understanding that the RV will be stored at least 6 months a year.

Can you insure our heavy-duty tow vehicle?
(i.e. Freightliner, Peterbuilt)
Yes, these trucks are written in the Motor home program and offer the same coverages available to a motor home. It is required that the 5th wheel or recreational travel trailer insurance policy be written in conjunction with the heavy-duty tow vehicle.

How does Montana holding company (Montana LLC) registration affect my RV insurance?
It is not Federal or State law that dictate the manner in which the insurance is written for Montana LLC registration. It is however, the policies of the particular insurance company we are writing that dictates how the insurance is provided. We offer three companies which differ in the manner they require the Montana registered RV insurance to be issued. The common factor for all three companies is that your policy needs to include the name of the holding company to reference the same name that appears on your title and registration documents.

You will find that many insurance companies will not provide insurance for out of state registration under a holding company. It is very important that you obtain insurance from a highly rated insurance company that allows Montana holding companies.

Can I get a 6 month insurance policy?
One of our providers offers a 12-month auto policy and the other writes a 6-month policy. All RV policies are annual.

Will my RV insurance cover me in Canada or Mexico?
Your RV insurance policy will cover accidents in Canada. However, Mexico property coverage may be optional within your RV insurance. Be sure to ask for this coverage to be included and also be sure to obtain a separate Mexico liability policy.

How does Towing and Roadside coverage work?
Should your RV break down, run out of gas, get a flat tire or lock your keys in the motor home just call a toll-free number and help will be on the way. This is a sign and drive service so you don’t have to wait for reimbursement and it’s also a 24 hour/ 7 day a week service.

Are my personal belongings covered in the Motor home / 5th wheel?
Yes, you may cover your personal effects up to any $1,000 incremental amount you choose.

Can the trailer I tow behind my RV be covered?
Yes, you will receive $2,000 trailer coverage automatically with your motor home policy. If your trailer is more valuable additional coverage can be purchased.

Can I insure my motor home or 5th wheel trailer under an auto policy?
Yes, however there most likely will be limits of coverage. These auto policies will generally not cover attachments such as awnings or air conditioners nor will they cover any losses to personal belongings. And most importantly, auto policies will usually settle a total-loss at actual cash value. With a specialty RV insurance policy you are able to obtain Guaranteed